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Cremation Remains Ash Rings

I Began offering this service as once I began custom ring making it became apparent this is an area that needed more attention as people I met seemed to be searching for just this kind of memorial Jewelry.

Cremation Ring with Fresh water pearl in Black Tungsten Ceramic

The above rings are my standard offering for Cremation rings for $145.00 CA.  

A very small amount of ashes are sent to me (1g or less, 1/8th tsp) and I add just a pinch to a crushed freshwater pearl inlay shown above.  I chose the Tungsten as my ash rings are often worn on a chain around the neck and I needed to make sure I was  using something very hard and non reactive to skin so it wouldn't wear out on a chain.   This Tungsten is comfort fit inside  and second only to diamond in hardness so its very scratch resistant

I offer Ash rings in many custom styles but each material has is own care requirements, I have placed ashes in wood rings even, but then I recommend it as a piece of memorial art.  I would be so sad to hear ashes were lost because of an accident or an incident with a brick wall blowing the finish on a wood ring etc

The button below will contact me via Email to begin the process, I will need to arrange an address with you to send the ashes and the purchase will be made through my shopify shop once arrangements are made.

Warmest regards,

James Dafoe

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