My Shop

Nail Wrap Ring

I Created this design for a local cabinate maker in Shedaic, N.B.  The wood shown in this picture is Red Alder , but no matter what wood is used, these rings aree ultra unique and real attention grabbers.

Antler Ring On Sapele‚Äč

Created for a hunter from Sackville NS, the Client provided a piece of antler to incorporate into a design for him.  I found this sapele and the bone when cut right created the wonderful transition.

Peacock Hurl on Green Ultrawire

This inlay started as a test while I was waiting for another piece to dry, I was immediately in love. The way that sun hits the peacock and glows gold, divine!

Watch Parts Ring

This was a special piece made from my father in laws old broken watch set into Pecan with black ultra-wire beneath. After he passed i wanted to re purpose it into something special.  I have since had to order a pile of watch parts to remake these for others.

Infinity twist

This was a design in which I was really trying to marry wire work to wood work. I love the inlay as it came out super unique.  The stone is Egyptian lapis and midnight gold stone with copper twist set on Mozambique. Another option show to display how diverse they can be.

Walnut with 12g copper

An electrician reached out to me from California to make him a ring using stove wire since he used it almost daily and wanted a ring with some meaning. Of course I said ! You can incorperate almost anything into a ring!

Guitar Nut Ring

Originally designed for my brother in law, I wanted something special and different to celebrate his favorite pastime.  Rather then a strait string inlay I decided to include the nut, it makes a perfect brass bezel setting so i fill the space with mother of pearl.  It was a popular design so i've made a few in a number of different woods depending on client preference.

Sapele inside, olive ash burl outside with a copper wire offset twist.

Floral inlays are a common request, shown here is red roses from a clients anniversary bouquet . A beautiful way to capture a special occasion. Another shown using wedding bouquet.

A client requested a cobalt blue liner in a silvery wood with a Denim inlay.  I found the combination she was looking for and it became such a unique piece.

This Calendula Flower inlay accents the PrimaVera core this Sapele ring is built on, beautiful.

Etimoe Band with hammered copper riveted in place.  

Part of a His/Her set, Sapele on Walnut with a brass Guitar string offset inlay.  

Black walnut with Raw Leather inlay.

This experimental inlay really blew me away how much it looked like a Tulip wood inlay, a truly stunning contrast.

Comic Art Ring

I created some comic art rings for some friends and as an example to show that any art can be inlaid .  Do you have a piece of art you would like to wear as an accessory ?  Send it to me and I can make it happen.

Two Tone and a Stone

A request for a two tone ring with minimal wood grain using the Clients own stone as an inlay brought this big chunky ring to life.